Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here is a screen shot of my new best friend, my igoogle. I used to have so many tabs open, one for facebook, one for g mail, and those were just the standard ones. Now that I have also started using Remember the milk, twitter, and Google reader it is really helpful to have them all in one place. Now lets talk about some of the widgets I have added. I have my G mail, and my facebook, my reader, and also many news sites too. I added the how to of the day which I find more entertaining than educational, the how to's range from "How to Grind" to "How to Clean Ugg Boots". One of the widgets that I find disappointing is the one, it seems clunky in appearance, and I find the two buttons located beside the home key on my browser are much more effective, if I press the checked one I get the full version of my bookmarks, and if I hit the tag one I get the delicious bookmark window.

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  1. Hahah.. that made me laugh, "How to Grind" and how to "Clean Ugg Boots!" Sounds like a handy widget.