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Tech Task #7

For tech task #7 I watched Alec Couros's "Open, Social, Connected: Reflections of an Open Graduate Course Experience" which is very entertaining. The concept of using free tool and shared knowledge are themes that are visited throughout the presentaion. One thing that I have taken from this presentation is the use of free tools, such as Twitter, Skype, Delicious, and Google tools.

We will not be Defeated

Tech tasks may allude us but Sarah and I have come together to try and save our averages and catchup on tech tasks. There were only a few minor setbacks such as a power outage and a very dark stairwell. But we have Subway determination, and red wine, and the reward of watching a movie. So as the hours pass please excuse my slurred typing as the wine is taking effect. I'm sure our podcast will be amusing.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In today's society there is an attitude that fear is a weakness. I disagree with this idea. My view of fear is that it is a safety feature that comes standard on all humans, some of us have found ways to bypass it though. Here is and example of my views on fear.

One day me and a friend were driving to look at an apartment in Regina and she happened to be complaining about my driving and brought up how I had hesitated at the last left turn. The reason I had hesitated was because I couldn't see and the fear that there was a car coming. She said to me "You can be afraid when you are driving, you just have to go" I replied with "Being afraid keeps me alive, fear keeps me alive"

This is not a new phenomenon thought fear being a good thing, Oprah has had Gavin de Becker author of "The Gift of Fear" on her show many times.

So next time you have fear remember what a tool it can be and use it, don't be trapped by it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Posting on Mentorship Blogs

Every time I press the Post Comment button I get warm fuzzys inside. I have a moment of awe where I think about what I'm really doing I am mentoring kids I have never met, in places I have never been and how that would have been nearly impossible 10 years ago. Does anybody else have these moments too?