Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google Apps for Education

Being a G mail lover for the past 2 years has opened me up to many other Google applications. I have used Google docs before with much success, its great for doing collaborative works. After Lisa Thumann's presentation on the Google apps for education I felt empowered. I have been in many situations where a school has limited resources or a less that reliable/up to date network. I still remember my grade 10 English teacher saying "Don't save your essays on these computers". Now I know I can walk in to a teaching post and no matter what system they have I will be able to give my student a reliable word processing tool, a monitored email account not to mention many other features of the Google apps for education.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Experiences With Technology

When I think of my experiences with technology they fall into two categories.
1. My I don't get this phase, (AKA) the learning phase. This usually frustrates me and gives me reason to learn about it.
2. My I get it and I want to teach you about it because I think it would benefit you phase. This is where I teach everyone that I know that I think it could help about my new found tool.
I have a thirst for knowledge and am a life long learner, I also have a need to share knowledge. Even though I do not have a B. Ed. I view myself as an educator. I feel that I have a responsibility to share knowledge, and I am not intimidated sharing knowledge with others.
Now down to my experiences with technology, I have worked on computers for many years doing a variety of thing from typing essays to editing videos. I personally enjoy learning about new tools that make my life easier such tools include, Delicious, Twitter, g mail, Google reader ect.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My First Post

Hi blog buddies!
My name is Robbie and I am an Arts Education student at the University of Regina. I have started this blog for my ECMP 355 class, which also happens to have a large online component. On Thursday we had our first online class, using the tool Eluminate. This is an amazing tool that can revolutionize the education system. There is no longer any excuse to have televised classes using unreliable satellites and call in questions with a 3 second delay (my English 110 class is televised). I also enjoyed the fact that I could be in class from the comfort of my own home. I believe it takes a special type of teacher to be able to teach an online class, there is a huge release of control involved with it. Many classroom teachers have issues with this release of control, something I am sure to talk about in the future.