Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TED one of my favorite things

TED is really one of my favorite things, I found out about TED back in February of 2008 when somebody told me bout this great video they had watched about a brain scientist who had a stroke. When I moved to Regina and had the luxury of High Speed Internet, I decided to check out this TED thing. Well soon enough I was loosing hours on this thing, and I am still finding great videos, so when I saw the tech task I didn't say "what the hell is TED" I said "oh no I have so many favorite videos which one will I present on".

I decided on my original favorite video about the brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor and her Stroke of Insight which is also the title of her book that she has written about her stroke and her full 8 year recovery back to being a brain scientist.

I decided to watch Robin's recommendation Robert Lang folds way-new origami which was an extremely interesting look at origami and how once we found out the laws of origami through mathematical process we could really make just about anything.


  1. hey robbie, i watched video with the stroke of insight, i totally agree on how cool that would be. For a neurosurgeon to experience a stroke and know exactly what is going on with their body at the same time. Maybe being a doctor makes it easier to understand the bigger diseases if they experience them themselves.

  2. Yes i agree it really does help, it must be a profound experience, because then you really know what it feels like and what tot watch for in your own patenits.

  3. Hey Robbie,
    Thanks for the credit, but I think Nicole actually recommended the origami video. I watched one on the Habits of Happiness. :)
    I totally agree; TED is amazing! I will spend more time watching videos once I get some free time lol

  4. Sorry Nicole, that was a fabulous vid, sorry bout the mix up

  5. I lost a few hours on TED tonight. Definitely one of the best things on the web! Have you seen Theo Jansen's presentation? It blew my mind. He is a Dutch artist who created these kinetic sculptures called "strandbeests" have to see it to experience the awesomeness of it.