Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In today's society there is an attitude that fear is a weakness. I disagree with this idea. My view of fear is that it is a safety feature that comes standard on all humans, some of us have found ways to bypass it though. Here is and example of my views on fear.

One day me and a friend were driving to look at an apartment in Regina and she happened to be complaining about my driving and brought up how I had hesitated at the last left turn. The reason I had hesitated was because I couldn't see and the fear that there was a car coming. She said to me "You can be afraid when you are driving, you just have to go" I replied with "Being afraid keeps me alive, fear keeps me alive"

This is not a new phenomenon thought fear being a good thing, Oprah has had Gavin de Becker author of "The Gift of Fear" on her show many times.

So next time you have fear remember what a tool it can be and use it, don't be trapped by it.


  1. Right on Robbie. Fear is something that can set barriers for Humans; we need to be able to embace our fears in order to surrive. I think its important to overcome our fears though. Sometimes living with fear can restrict our actions; but it doesn't hurt to be a little cautious every now and again.

  2. This is a fantastic! Great thoughts about fear and how important it is to the human being. At the same time not being paralyzed by your fear is also not healthy.

    Loved reading this post Robbie, great job!


  3. Good point, Robbie. Fear is great; it's our intuition that tells us to say 'no'. At the same time, many kids (and adults) are afraid of saying no - it's a conundrum. It's usually best to go with your instinct - it is YOUR instinct and there to help YOU.


  4. Nice post, Robbie. I agree with your post to some extent. I am a worry wart! I always have been and am really trying to lose that quality as I view it in a negative way. So, to try to overcome my "worry wart" attitude, I am trying to do one thing a day that scares me. For example, I am trying new foods (which I know understand why I don't eat a lot of them lol), try new activities (skydiving is next on my list of things to do), go new places (went to soul's harbour on monday and carmicheal outreach center last spring), and meet new people (well obviously that happens every day).
    I am finding that as I am doing all these "crazy" things, I am bettering myself as a person. But, I am doing all of these things because of fear. And if I never had fear, I guess I would probably not find myself trying these new and exciting things.
    In the fall, I am moving to Calgary with my fiance to teach... I have never been to Calgary (other than driving through) and have noooo idea what to expect. However, I am doing this to continue on with my "do one thing a day that scares you."
    Thanks for this post - definitely got me thinking.